Leave a Legacy at Whitman!

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Each year, Whitman graduating students can contribute to the Class Act campaign to signify the value they place on their experience at Whitman and Syracuse University and to set the stage for continued engagement and support of their alma mater.

The collective impact of the suggested $20.17 gift is significant. Tuition and fees cover only 85 percent of the real cost of an SU degree. Class Act gifts help bridge the gap. Graduating student giving supports cutting-edge programs, modern facilities, scholarships (75 percent of SU students receive some sort of financial assistance) and other advantages necessary for a first-class education.

Last year, 51 percent of Whitman’s graduating seniors donated to their class gift. That was a record-breaking year for Whitman, and our seniors topped those from all other schools and colleges on campus. Our goal for Class Act 2017 is 60 percent participation, and we have a committee of 20 accomplished and determined graduating students leading the charge.

An exciting new addition this year is the involvement of our graduate students too. The student committee also has representatives from the full-time MBA and MS programs.

Those Whitman graduating students who make their Class Act 2017 gift will be invited to events on campus, all participants will receive a giving cord to wear at commencement, and will have their name added to the Class Act “Wall of Fame” on the first floor of Whitman.

Gifts, including matching tributes, can be made online, and donors can direct their gift to one of several designations, including a Whitman academic department, the Whitman Dean’s Fund or one of 22 other areas on campus.

Whether you will wear a mortarboard in May or received your Whitman diploma a decade ago, please consider making a Class Act donation today. Your support will help progress Whitman’s mission to prepare future business leaders to do great things in the global marketplace.